SHOW at Catharine Miller Fine Art

Michael Angove New Drawings. ‘Georgian Quiddity’.
Catharine Miller Fine Art, Hollywood Road Gallery, Hollywood Road. Chelsea, London. SW10 9HY
November 27 - December 4.

Since March 2018 I have been working on 27 new hand-drawn works, for a solo show that opens on November 27th in Chelsea. This collection of work is called ‘Georgian Quiddity’, where I have looked at the Georgian’s Age of Enlightenment as a source of inspiration. The works include trompe l’ceil drawings of engraved silver-plate knives, button hooks, exotic feathers, pearls and mother of pearl cutlery, Georgian clock hands, popcorn and sugar sprinkles. This collection is my most colourful and exciting one to date.

This body of work looks at innocuous antique objects and juxtaposes them against contemporary everyday items such as string, tape or jelly beans. These objects are drawn in meticulous detail, in arrangement based on constellations, mathematical equations or scientific diagrams. By presenting the drawings with space and breathing room, it reveals the history of the antique articles.

My previous solo show was at the same location 5 years ago with my wonderful UK agent Catharine Miller. The gallery is a beautiful space on Hollywood Road, just off Fulham Road, across from the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. I will be at the gallery talking about the work on Saturday December 1st. There is also a Private View that I will be attending on the opening night of November 27th.

If you would like to attend the PV please email:

Work is on sale from 6pm on November 27.

‘Royal Coterie’. 2018.  SOLD   55.5cm x 66cm. Pencil on HP archive Paper.

‘Royal Coterie’. 2018. SOLD
55.5cm x 66cm. Pencil on HP archive Paper.