TBW Drawing Prize, Auction and New Works

July has been a very busy month in my garden studio. Firstly my 'Carbon Unit' drawing has been accepted in to the prestigious Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, formally known as the Jerwood Drawing Prize. I first entered back in 2007 and was declined. I didn't think my latest drawing, which is a derivative of traditional drawing style, would be contemporary enough, especially when much of the successful work is quite avent-guarde and sometimes on the very fringe of what I class as 'drawing'. The showcase of 67 works will start at the Trinity Buoy Wharf in September 2018 and go on to travel around the UK well into 2019. I am so excited to see the other works from some fantastic artists.

Wiltshire Museum holds a fund-raising, art auction every other year. Kindly, they have invited me to participate each time. Even better my works, sell for the asking price. There will be a new auction in September 2018 that will include a new drawing especially drawn for them. 50% of the sale (fingers crossed) will go into the museum funds.

I am full time drawing this summer as to complete 25 works for my solo drawing show at the Hollywood Road Gallery in Chelsea, during the first week of December. My very latest drawing, hot off the press today is 'Alchemy Song’. This delicate drawing looks at a tropical feather, a Georgian pickle fork, red string with a knot and a Georgian glass sugar crusher. All of the drawings are investigating the Georgian era. The surprising side effect is how delicate the finished works are looking. 

‘Alchemy Song’ 2018.  SOLD   54cm x 58cm. Colour Pencil on hot-pressed, archive paper.

‘Alchemy Song’ 2018. SOLD
54cm x 58cm. Colour Pencil on hot-pressed, archive paper.