Michael is known internationally for his fine quality pencil drawings of simple and timeless objects including string, pins, spoons, keys and feathers in iconic, minimal and carefully placed compositions. His drawings regularly sell at the Hamptons, Singapore, Miami, Hong Kong and London.

Michael’s hand drawings, using finely sharpened colour pencils have been described as haunting, cerebral, witty and exquisite. His fine trompe l'oeil works are immaculate and conversational, often drawing on childhood memory, where he describes objects as ‘characters’ and the paper as an ‘empty room’

Work is rendered onto sheets of superb quality hot-pressed, archive paper, and are glazed with a superior non-reflective archival glass. Every work has a drawing of a dress pin at the edge of the paper and in different locations. This charming addition is in homage to his textile heritage and is a sign of an original drawing. Artwork is always signed on the front as well as the title and date at the reverse.


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